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“Cheap Sex” With Leoncie?

June 23, 2008

she so ghetto seriously mcmillan leoncie

“Icelandic artist Leoncie has drawn comparisons to Madonna for her overt sexuality, fast-changing hairstyles, and prolific music-video output. She writes and performs all her own music and directs the rather cheesy videos, too—courting controversy with some of them (they were pulled from YouTube) because she showed her boobs.”

Somehow, I keep running into all these indie singers lately.  I love it.  I get tired of all the FM or XM pop “standards”.  I am certainly tired of raunchy hip-hop.

I don’t quite know how to describe Leoncie.  Part lounge singer,  part show girl, brothel madame with a sprinkle of Dolly Parton’s BIG hair , this hoochie dressed singer actually makes some cool music, even if some of it should be heard in an elevator.

Don’t get me wrong.  I really like Leoncie’s music in a weird way.

I think what comes through is her sincerity.  She doesn’t seem to be putting on a show.  She seems to be having fun and is comfrotable with herself.  I think that comes across.

Maybe her clothes are slutty, but the message isn’t.

She’s got silly sleezy lyrics but she’s got nothing on Ludacris.

From her song, “Sex Crazy Cop”:

“You pick up all those sluts and screw them in secret”

“Bang them in the morning.  Bang them everyday.  Come home in the evening sayin’ it’s ok…”

“Cheap Sex”



Next: Fly away with Leoncie in this catchy tune that I can’t get out of my head, dammit!

Her boobs are gonna fall out any minute while she’d flying over the world…

You’ll see.

Below From Her Youtube Channel:

An Impressive Singer who has studied classical music from the Trinity College Of Music London,and Jazz music from the very best, Leoncie has a Very Strong Musical Background and comes from a family of superb musicians.
An Awesome Jazz Singer,it’s amazing how she changes her singing styles to suit any genre of music.A genuine music wizard, she has a Stunningly powerful voice,which she uses like a magical instrument.

Spectacular Leoncie is the Instrumentalist of all her songs. She spends hundreds of hours perfecting her music,until every song has been thoroughly improved repeatedly before recording her songs in professional recording studios,anywhere in the world, and after she has arranged every minute detail, to perfection, Leoncie produces and performs all her music…

Icy Spicy Leoncie Channel

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