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Soulja Boy Strikes Back: Ice T Vs. Soulja Boy

June 25, 2008

Soulja Boy strikes back with an “unfunny” style ‘toon mocking Ice T.  Watch.

Here’s my low down, people.  I don’t like Soulja Boy because I think he’s a  nasty and disrespectful little punk-ass, crappy rapper who’s 15 minutes of fame are hopefully almost over.

I don’t care about his “success”, as people see it.  I DO care about the type of music he is putting out there.  More crap among crap in Hip Hop.

My opinion, people.  So don’t message me about how much you like Soulja Boy.  Good for you.

I honestly don’t like Ice-T either, but, in an reality…You would not disrespect your elders.

You can’t be a talk show host, like Tyra, and diss an old school pro like Oprah, even if Oprah would have started the “beef”.

Sorry guys.  Yeah, Ice-T was wrong, but Soulja Boy is “wronger”…

I know, “wronger” is not english but, it fits this “beef”.

More on this Old School/New School Beef as it develops.

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