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RIP “Subway Sandwich Eatin’ Jared”: Sike Your Mind!

June 26, 2008

Jared S. Fogel, best known as the spokesman for Subway sandwich shop “The Subway Guy” Born December 1st, 1977 – Died yesterday at 4:43pm EST.

The autopsy has not been performed, early medical reports indicate that he has died due to abnormal abdominal adhesions resulting from his 1998 gastric bypass surgery. It’s a pretty common surgery complication, but it’s rare that it’s fatal, even as it slowly progresses. Then again Jared was a rare guy. He may have just gotten sicker and sicker in his last couple years, but it’s because of us that he hung on as long as he did. He did it because he knew we needed him.

she so ghetto jared subway



What you read above is from a “faked death” website called

Somehow, thousands of people got a hold of a Twitter rumor and passed it on.

See, I show below how quick and painless this death rumor started.

she so ghetto jared subway rumor

she so ghetto jared subway death rumor gossip

And so on….


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