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Whorehouse On Wheels: Busted!

June 26, 2008

An alleged brothel-on-wheels that authorities said they busted over the weekend gives a whole new meaning to keeping the party moving.

Miami Beach undercover detectives who paid a $40 entry fee and boarded a stretch limousine bus Sunday found women onboard offering oral sex and lap dances for money, authorities said.

Authorities arrested Christine Morteh, 29, of Miramar, and the driver, Clyde Scott, along with four other people Sunday. Miami-Dade jail spokeswoman Janell Hall said Morteh faces charges including offering to commit or engage in prostitution, conducting business without a license, directing another to a place of prostitution and deriving support from prostitution.

she so ghetto brothel bus

On one hand I laugh because it was just a matter of time to get busted doing something like that and on the other hand I laugh because it’s a creative way to do business…LOL!

75 people were arrested in connection with this bus that was parked only blocks away from police headquarters.

How ghetto is that?

Take a video tour of the actual bus here!


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