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Amy Winehouse: Spits Gum, Punch People & Sings At The Same Time

June 30, 2008

she so ghetto seriously mcmillan amy winehouse

Apparently, there is another update to the Cronicles of Amy Winehouse.

Dear Goodness, this girl…

I swear…

I could call her a chav or a skag, but it would be too easy to kick her when she’s down.  It’s not right.

It would be inhumane.

Anyway, she punches a person in the audience who she claims tried to grab her….

She spits out her gum she is chewing (while singing) at the crowd.  Yuc!

Then she blubbers incoherent lyrics while security escorts her away from the concert… if you want to call it that.

Roll ’em!

LONDON (AP) _ Amy Winehouse was packing a punch at the Glastonbury music festival. After taking the stage Saturday, the troubled singer climbed down into the pit and scuffled briefly with a reveler.

It was unclear what sparked the altercation but witnesses say a fan tried to grab Winehouse.

Winehouse sang for about an hour in front of an estimated crowd of 80,000.

She shocked fans last week by performing at a special birthday concert for Nelson Mandela.

When I first saw Amy WInehouse and her video,” You Know I’m No Good”,

I wondered in the back of my mind if she was talking about herself.

Then, when I heard “Rehab”, I thought, “Is she talking about herself?”

Boy, what a sad state of affairs.

We have all seen this fall before.

Her name was Janis Joplin.

I have seen this this movie before.

It starred Bette Midler.

I was called “The Rose”.

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  1. bbrackett permalink
    June 30, 2008 6:50 pm

    I’ve never knew about that movie. I might just go find it, thanks. And poor Amy, somebody needs to stop her and fix her. Poor, poor lady.

  2. June 30, 2008 10:56 pm

    Well, I’ll say it, she’worse than Brittney and yes, she’s a skank. What is people’s fascination with this train wreck???

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