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Ghetto Around The Globe: The Prostitute Fashion Show

July 3, 2008

If prostitution is legal in Madrid, then this could be some new wave in public relations between the “ladies of the night” and “John Q. Public”… Get it?  John?

Anyhow, prostitute in Madrid, Spain took to the streets, literally, in their campaign to show the public that they are “harmless” to regular people, business owners and others.  They are trying to explain that they simply want to do their job and everyone else should just do their job and they can all just get along!

They call these ladies “Sex Workers”.

The video above shows coverage of the “Madame Bitch” fashion parade.

“Prostitutes held colorful fashion parades in central Madrid on Thursday to demonstrate against plans by property developers to buy up premises in which they have long plied their trade,” Reuters explains.

“Organizers said the street parades were intended to show that the prostitutes were no threat to local residents or shopkeepers if they stayed in the area.”


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