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Dear Tom Cruise, Your Back Fat Is Showing!

July 7, 2008

Back Fat is unsightly.  How do I know?  Because this summer, I have relaxed a bit from my yoga.  I have enjoyed my summer sherberts and other treats and I have paid for it.

Because when I recently tried on this new bikini top, I saw it… I saw my “back fat”!


Well, I am not a star [yet].  Not a celebrity [well, almost] that has to totally watch her figure.  I do a little Oprah when it comes to my weight.  At least the way Oprah is right now…holding steady.

Really, I am comfy with my weight, it’s just that I need to tone up the…dare I say…”flab”!

And, so does Tom Cruise.  But, let’s look at reality here.

Tom has access to the best personal trainers and body builders out there…

I have access to my DVD player…

Tom Cruise can have delicious low-cal, low fat, high protien, body fortifying foods made for him….

I drink soy milk…at least.

So, let’s just say that Tom Cruise has no excuse to have “back fat”.  I, on the other hand, have had kids…

Wait, that’s not a good excuse, is it?  LOL

See Tom Cruise’s “Back Fat” Pics Here!

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