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3 Lessons In Public Speaking With Jesse Jackson

July 14, 2008

You know, it took a while for me to make a comment about Rev. Jesse Jackson and his comments regarding Barack Obama because I had to close my own mouth. I mean, my jaw dropped and it’s been hanging open for a couple of days.

I am still reeling at how the pirate ship crew-like media, with Bill O’Rielly at as Cap’t Jack Sparrow exposing the mates to what the villainous and black-hearted (literally) Rev. named Jesse Jackson said. Arrrggghhh!

I personally think that there may be a wee-bit of jealousy about how far Sen. Barack Obama has come on the coat tails of what Rev. Jesse Jackson attempted to do in the 1980’s.  Rev. Jackson was well on his way to becoming a democratic presidential nominee,  just like Obama and I just believe it just wasn’t in Rev. Jackson’s political “crystal ball”, so to speak.  What I do know, is that Rev. Jackson is a political forefather to Barack Obama and should be proud that he paved the way for another person with an African-American/ Multi-cultural heritage to now pave the way.  Jealousy should never be involved, yet he’s only human.

I have just three simple lesson about public speaking. Take them for what they are worth. But, believe me, they are true even if you don’t follow them, Like Jesse Jackson did not and now he pays for it with his reputation.

1. IN THE POLITICAL ARENA- NEVER EXPRESS YOUR PERSONAL OPINIONS IN PUBLIC: Aside from making statements about political matters, MY GOODNESS, how could you not realize that if you are a public figure of any sort, your personal opinions do not matter and can be harmful to your reputation.

Let’s look at Tom Cruise. He was, and I mean was, the hottest “white boy” in film for a while. Everything he touched turned to gold. He was a Midas. Then, he started talking about his religion… and becoming more open about his personal religious beliefs and then became what looked to be fanatical about his religion. Phew!

They say that you should not talk about religion and politics unless you want to start an argument. I agree.

Back to Rev. Jesse Jackson, his personal opinions are destroying him in the media. Can you say “caught on tape”? I mean, my goodness. What the hell was he thinking? He was right in front of the camera, with a mic on and he waited until then to say his ‘little piece”? Just hand over your “balls” Mr. Jackson.

2. NEVER SAY ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING IN FRONT OF A CAMERA, UNLESS YOU WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT IT: I am not going to buy this “I thought the” mic-was-off/ camera-was off “bull”. You are responsible for what comes out of your mouth. Don’t believe the apology! What Rev. Jesse Jackson said is what he really felt, but if that’s what he felt, then he should stay on that side of the fence. Don’t support in public and be a hater in private. And, in Rev. Jesse Jackson’s defense, if he disagrees with some of Obama’s policies then it’s his right to disagree. And that’s fine! it’s just not right to want to cut off Barack Obama’s “N**ts” Off.

3. THE MEDIA IS A “ONE WAY” STREET- BACK PEDALING IS NOT PERMITTED: It’s so hard for anyone that has been caught on tape doing or saying something to go and try to clean up what they said.

Popular attempts to try to clean-up words are:

“What I meant to say was…”

“Actually, the comment was about [blank] and not [blank]”

“I do not recall saying those words…”

“I’ll plead the fifth…”


“I was on medication and didn’t know what I was saying”

“I was wasted, did I say that?” Just ask Mel Gibson about that one…

The point is, folks,

  • Pay attention.
  • Watch what’s going on around you.
  • Watch what you are saying and who is listening to you.

It’s like this. Big Brother is always watching and sometimes “Big Brother” can be an even bigger bitch!

The news clip below was about the best for me. They clearly saw this Rev. Jesse Jackson Vs. Obama issue the same way I did. Check it!

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  1. blaklyon83 permalink
    July 15, 2008 4:20 am

    hmm…a short time ago i read a article about the changing of the guard in black politics. the great influences of the civil Martin luther King Jr., brother Malcolm X, my fellow cajun Huey P. Newton dead their has been a vacancy a lack of inspiration Jesse Jackson was a student, a pupil who never became a master because his teacher was taken away and he has been using the same apprentice skill and it was never enough. He will always be remembered as a lion among men. but obama is more than a warrior, he is a new hope and he is cool like the other side of the pillow.

  2. July 18, 2008 1:01 pm

    well said.


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