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The “N” Word: Rev. Jesse Jackson’s “N*gger” Ressurection & More

July 18, 2008

THE N-WORD’S Funeral:

On Monday, July 9, 2007, during its 98th Annual National Convention in Detroit, Michigan, the NAACP will conduct a mock funeral to bury the N-Word. Delegates and supporters of America’s largest, most respected, oldest, and most effective civil rights organization will convene at Cobo Hall for a march led by the casket containing the N-Word to Hart Plaza where there will be a funeral service for the most vicious of all racist insults – the N-Word!

Black people need to quit. I am serious.

If you buried the word, why ressurect it?

If you put the word in the casket, why unearth it?

We need to put our foot down and stop this “N*gger” crap. I simply mean stop using the friggin’ word.

You cannot defend the word. It is an ignorant word, literally, and no person in this culture should use it.

No matter what their race.

What About Comedy?

Now, I think back to Richard Pryor and how he used the “N” word in his comedy. I would say he used it… well, it was just about every other word.

What do I say to that? Would I say, “It’s alright for Richard Pryor [and other hardcore comedians] to use the “N” word and not everyone else?”

Richard Pryor [and other hardcore comedians]are paid for their risque points of view. They are paid to elaborate, in jest, about words, actions and lifestyles of stereotypes and the like. Gays, Sex, Hispanics, Asians, Blacks…as far as I see in most comedy, no topic is off limits. I am not a comedian, but this seems to be their running theme.

Richard Pryor [and other hardcore comedians] routines certainly are not for the general public. You have a choice and have probabaly paid for that choice, whether in cash or with your morality.

Watch what comedian Chris Rock has to say about the “N” word in comedy.


If you didn’t read my previous post about Jesse Jackson and public speaking, you can check it out here, but my thought run down the same river…He should have known better.

What happened to Jesse Jackson is what happens when you don’t watch your back. You know that Fox News is repeatedly given the reputation of “unfair and unbalanced” by others in the media. They report news like the your famous nosey neighbor, who sees all, with a juicy tidbit about how the other neighbor brought home a new dog. There is footage and audio, too.

Rev. Jackson spoke out against using the “N” word in public. How “public” is doing Fox News?

As Rev Al Sharpton explained, you must be consistant. Don’t tell others the stop using the “N” word, if you can’t stop using the word.

Here’s a new clip regarding Rev. Jesse Jackson and his “N” word slip-up.


I can ususally say with certainty that Whoopi and Sherri and I share some of the same views. I usually do not side with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Well, the times, they are a changin’. In this clip of Elisabeth Hasselbeck verbal sparring with Whoopi and Sherri, I am in Elisabeth’s corner.

You can’t say the “N” word and tell other races that they can’t say it unless you like talking out of both sides of your mouth…and your butt.

I don’t care if your mama said it or your daddy used it. The “N” word has no place in your vocabulary and “God bless the child that’s got his own…mind” and not copying what he/ she sees and does and paves their own way.

The “N” word is part of the “Ghetto Mentality” and you know what I think about the ghetto. That’s just “ghetto”.

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