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Seriously On Film: The Dark Knight

July 23, 2008

Hot off the heels of it’s millennium resurrection, Batman Begins was the first installment in the updated and darker Batman franchise.

Now comes “The Dark Knight”. A sequel of sorts to “Batman Begins” starring the dashing Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger.

Now, what I got from this movie was a great Saturday afternoon time killer. It was interesting and did not let you down in the action department. Believe me, you could watch this movie in another language and still have an action fun time.

So, you really don’t have to know what’s going on to enjoy the movie. The kids in my neighborhood loved it, but the don’t have a clue about the storyline.

Nonetheless, the plot holes in the script, for those of you who follow story lines, are gaping.

I was disappointed about the script and character development. How can you make a movie where the antagonist just shows up as this resident evil, only for him to have no explanation of where he came from or where he’s going. I am talking about “The Joker”, folks. Not Heath Ledger.

“Hi, I am am evil and here to kill people in this movie.” That could have been The Joker’s introductory statement and it would have made even more sense than leaving out any explaination at all.

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