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In Hollywood: Skinny Actress B*tches Told To Gain Weight!

July 25, 2008


In Hollywood,  it looks like the “lean” look is out.  Those “skinny b*tches” that plus-sized comedian Mo’nique talks about alot in her routines are now being told by studio heads to put some real meat on their bones or it could cost them juicy acting roles.

Angelina Jolie is the latest star that’s been asked to gain weight, joining celebrities like Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham. The Thomas Crown Affair 2 directors said they would like to see the once voluptuous Angelina add a few extra pounds to her now lithe frame.

“Ideally they want Angelina to put on two stone for the role,” a source told the UK Daily Mirror. That’s 28 lbs!

“It is going to be very physically demanding, which is why they want her to carry the extra weight.

“She was also slated for being too skinny to portray an action woman, and for Thomas Crown they want a convincing female lead.

“Hopefully, she will take them up on it – a few extra pounds wouldn’t hurt her.”

Look at the ladies back in the day.  All you saw were curves, curves, curves!

Pin Up Girls
She so ghetto: Pin Up Girls

Take a look at the stunning Miss Lena Horne.  There’s some hips, for ya!

Lena Horne

She so ghetto: Lena Horne

Now compare volutuous to “skelet-ous”…

“Apparently, skinny isn’t so spicy anymore. Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has been asked to put on a few pounds for the group’s world tour.”

She so ghetto: Victoria Posh Beckham

Check out Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham: Before, she ate food.  Now, she drinks water for dinner.

Victoria Posh Beckham

Megan Fox was told that she has to gain a few pounds, too!

“Megan Fox has been ordered get fat for robots.  More specifically, for the upcoming sequel to the Transfomers movie.

Director Michael Bay informed Megan Fox that he doesn’t like skinny girls.”

Megan Fox Is Considered Too Skinny

She So Ghetto: Megan Fox Is Considered Too Skinny

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  1. blaklyon83 permalink
    July 29, 2008 4:06 am

    lol damn. they do need to make a sandwich lol. my great grandmother was quoted saying “a man like a little meat in the pot when he goes to stir it ” lol i refuse to date a skeletor looking young lady!

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