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The “Droopin'” Is Over: New Laws Say “Pull Up Pants Or Go To Jail”

July 25, 2008
Inapproriate Pants Droopin!

She So Ghetto: Inapproriate Pants Droopin!

Since June 11, sagging pants have been against the law in Delcambre, La., a town of 2,231 that is 80 miles southwest of Baton Rouge. The style carries a fine of as much as $500 or up to a six-month sentence. “We used to wear long hair, but I don’t think our trends were ever as bad as sagging,” said Mayor Carol Broussard.

An ordinance in Mansfield, a town of 5,496 near Shreveport, subjects offenders to a fine (as much as $150 plus court costs) or jail time (up to 15 days). Police Chief Don English said the law, which takes effect Sept. 15, will set a good civic image.

Hip-Hop Mogul Russell Simmons chimes in with his thoughts and opinion:

“The focus should be on cleaning up the social conditions that the sagging pants comes out of,” he said. “That they wear their pants the way they do is a statement of the reality that they’re struggling with on a day-to-day basis.”

Droopin Pants Be Gone!

She So Ghetto: Droopin' Pants Be Gone!

Oh Joy!  Oh Bliss!

Can I really look forward to a time where I don’t have to see my son’s or any other “wannabe gangstas” ass hanging out of the top of his pants?

Let me tell you something, my true readers.  When my son started to do the “droopin'” thing, I told him “No”.  I sent him to a uniformed charter school where the specifially advocated that all uniforms be properly worn.  No droopin’ whatsoever!

But, then I would catch him on the weekends wearing his casual wear and “droopin”.  What did I do then?

I took the boxers.  That’s right.  I had a rule in my house.  If you want to droop, you don’t wear underwear.  Now, I know what he did when he was out of my sight.  He did whatever he wanted and I understand that.  It was not different than putting on a mini skirt under the long skirt when I was young and wearing the mini skirt when I was out of my mom’s sight.  Besides, I am a preachers daughter, you know.

My son still needed to know that, as his parent, I disapproved of the stigma that droopin’ brings upon you in public.  It is assumed that you are a drug dealer and are uneducated and ready to become a member of the prison population, if you haven’t already been part of it.

In reality, there is no glamour in any part “gangsta thug” lifestyle, yet out children have been commercially taught to emulate all aspects of it.

Being a hood rat or thug, is a positive, not a negative.  When it’s actually a negative.

Simply looking like a “thug” is a negative image.  Even if it’s the “style”.  Our thoughts must be, “What image is that style giving me?”

I discourage girls from looking like this…

booty exposed

She so ghetto :booty exposed

She So Ghetto Hoochie Girls

I don’t believe the law will work.  And, I do think it’s a bit extreme, but this is what happens, folks.

If society has no one to help these young men see the light about their appearance from head-to-toe…

No positive image that these young men can truly emulate, then “Big Brother” is going to step in with his broadsword and just cut them all down.

No picking and choosing the good from the bad.  You’re all going down.

The point is, my son now understands why I didn’t want him droopin’.

Behind the indecency laws may be the real issue — the hip-hop style itself, which critics say is worn as a badge of delinquency, with its distinctive walk conveying thuggish swagger and a disrespect for authority. Also at work is the larger issue of freedom of expression and the questions raised when fashion moves from being merely objectionable to illegal.

Sagging began in prison, where oversized uniforms were issued without belts to prevent suicide and their use as weapons. The style spread through rappers and music videos, from the ghetto to the suburbs and around the world.


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