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Catfight!: Miley Cyrus Video Mocks Rival Selena Gomez

July 28, 2008

This is so juvenile. But, it’s so in my face, I’ve got to say something about it.

You all know that girl named Miley Cyrus, right? That 15-yr-old turned internet “leaked” photo temptress?

Well, she took a video swipe at her rival Selena Gomez.
Miley Cyrus mocks Selena Gomez’s little homemade You Tube video and makes crass comments about Selena Gomez’s gappy teeth and other things.

If the beef between Soulja Boy and Ice-T had you going WTF? Then, this will follow in their cat fighting footsteps!

Take a peek.

Alas, my friends. You ought to know by now in the world of Youtubing and My Spcae-ing that you can make fun of no one. So, Miley issues an informal “sorry Selena, we werent making fun of you” statement during an interview.

These girls are so young and need some training in how to behave in public. I would say, let’s start with Miley. She should know you should not act like this in public…and on camera.

With all that money riding on Miley Cyrus’ shoulders, she should be handling her emotions about her rivals better in public.

Catfight alert! Amid rumors that rival tween sensation Selena Gomez is dating her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, a video (made several months ago) has come to light of Miley Cyrus and best friend Mandy retaliating in the only way 15-year-old girls know how: by making fun of Selena’s clothes and her friend’s gap teeth on YouTube.

It makes her look…jealous…much?


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