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About Your Figure: Which Body Shape IS Perfect?

July 31, 2008
The Perfect Shape?

The Perfect Shape?


OK ladies, prepare to be amazed.

We asked thousands of you to tell us what you think about your body – which bits you like, which bits you don’t, and what you’d change if you could.

It seems men and women have very different ideas about the perfect female figure.

While women yearn for the waspish waist of a size 8 model, men hanker after a curvy size 12 with hips. Oh yes!…

So, come on girls – what are you waiting for? Let’s hear it for love handles, muffin tops and big bottoms.

Let’s embrace our bodies and start loving what we’ve got….

Remember my post about Jennifer Hudson…Click Here.

I talked about being true to yourself and not trying to conform to the “body standards” of others.

So, when I came across this pic and article, I thought it was interesting to share.

Just in that pic alone, it shows what “men” like and what “women” prefer.

And, it also shows the truth…what the “national average” is…at least, in the U.K.

And the USA is not far behind. What shape do you have or which do you prefer to have?

See the results of the U.K. survey by clicking the link above.

Don’t forget, be true to you. To your body size and who you are right now. Don’t “Die-Ette” to become something else.

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