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Get Ready For The “Gangsta Patch Kids”!

August 1, 2008

They’re cute!

They’re adorable!

They’ll do a drive by on their tricycle.

Their the latest waste of imagination at $112.00 a pop.

Comin out in October, just in time for your Holiday season, are the Gangsta Baby Series of dolls.

They come complete with bling and tons of attitude for your gangsta kid to immitate.

They may be funny to some, but to us here at She So Ghetto… they’re tired!

A silly retreat on more stereotypical B.S.

What the world needs now is more crap like this.

Get your crack-head baby dolls…coming soon.

There’s the Pookie Doll: Every ghetto has about 50% of it’s residents named “Pookie”, if you scream it loud enough, 50% of the people will turn around.  The Pookie doll looks like it’s suffering from demonic possession with a milk chocolate complexion and seering bright green eyes.  He’s got his ring and his neck bling and a diaper…and black skully, to boot.

Rey Rey Doll: This is the name of the other 50% of the residents of the ghetto. He comes wearing the whole camoflage jacket, army green shorts, canary yellow tee with matching skully with dog tags.  His cute cappuccino complexion is complemented by his light brown eyes.  Not to mention, his double pierced ears studded with big “rocks”.

Benjino Doll: I don’t know if this doll is supposed to be Jewish or Itallian, but he comes with a Ronald McDonald red fro, bright orange sleeveless bubble jacket and another seriously demonic look on his face and in his neon green eyes.  The doll is ugly and so is his bling.

Big Deuce Doll: This is the “white boy” of the ‘hood!  Comes with doo-rag under his red cap.  Cuffed jeans and a tee that reads “Crunk On Board”!

It’s sad, folks.  But, true.  Someone has gone and made something stupid and will probabaly make lots of money.

See the pics and read all about the dolls here!

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