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OMG!?: Not Another Miley Cyrus Photo Mess!

August 7, 2008

Miley Cyrus’ camera phone should be taken away from her.  Goodness gracious!

What is it going to take to start giving these “photo hackers” less ammo.?

It’s screwing everything up.  Most people can’t make heads or tails of this whole situation.

Where did the “Ooops” photos begins and the “hacked” photos end?

All I know it that her support system is dropping the ball.

If you want more publicity, this is not how to get it.

The adults in her life need to pull their heads out of their “asses” and protect this girl!

Of course, click here for more “hacked” photos of Miley Cyrus…

Why does Miley Cyrus always seem to be doing something kinda slutty in her photos?

Inexplicably, the well of racy Miley Cyrus shots has yet to run dry. The same hacker who released her wet t-shirt photos has apparently struck again. This has moved beyond uncomfortable for everyone involved.


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