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Seriously “Weird” Series: Wedding Reception Included Cops & Tasers

August 18, 2008

I am still trying to get a handle on this little caper.

Were these cops bored and Taser happy?

Were the bride and groom and their guests really out of control?

Basically, what the heck happened?

Can you put this puzzle of a 1000 pieces together.  Sometimes, I just report what I find.  I have to leave my opinions out of this one…

Taser Bride

Taser Bride

The wedding was on a Michigan beach, the reception was in an art gallery — but a former Chicago couple’s wedding night was spent in separate jail cells after both bride and groom got shocked by a police Taser and arrested at their raucous reception.

Andy Somora and Anna Pastuszwska’s July 19 wedding reception in tiny Lakeside, Mich., is still the talk of the town after officers from 14 police departments swarmed the art gallery to quell a melee. The groom’s father, uncle, aunt and cousin — several of whom hail from Villa Park and La Grange Park — also got arrested.

Read the rest here!

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