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Bristol Palin: Isn’t There More To Do In Alaska Then Get Knocked Up?

September 5, 2008

Alright.  There is just so much to say about this topic.  Here’s another teen sparking the “Teen Pregnancy” topic all over again.

After Jamie Lynn Spears, I thought we were done for a while.

Did someone not talk to this girl?  Like, the Gov of Alaska’s daughter, ya know!

She must have know aboput the “Birds and the Bees” or the “Moose and the Elk” or something…

I am going there folks.

It’s not cute or funny that this girl let some self confessed “redneck” knock her up. 

More about the “baby daddy” later.

 Look, it’s a fact that being a teen mom just leaves you missing a part of life that you can never regain.

I felt this way about Jamie Lynn Spears and I am declaring the same for 17-yr-old Bristol Palin, the daughter of Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

I heard something very interesting.  Someone on some news program asked if [Bristol] just didn’t know [about getting pregnant] or just didn’t care [ about protecting herself]…

There’s a reason why these things happen to young women.  There is a deep reason why they put themselves in tough positions in life.  Was she getting enough attention?  Well, if she wasn’t, she is now.

I don’t know the reason, obviously, I can only look at the evidence and do what CSI does… Try and put the pieces together.

It’s tough, girls.  Being a teen mom is tough.  Don’t just take my word for it.  There are thousands of women who were teen moms, now adults, who would offer the same view.

Think of the Lifetime TV movies or soaps that offer true life experiences displayed in a drama.

It’s not about abortion, it’s about prevention.  Whether it’s abstinence or a contraceptive.  Think about keeping his sperm away from your little egg. 

It only takes one!

It’s cold in Alaska, but I am sure there are more activities that doing the horizontal mambo!

Bristol Palin Hold Brother Baby
Bristol Palin Hold Brother Baby

Above in the pic, before she came out of her “maternity closet”,  Bristol Palin uses the old “blanket prop” to cover up her baby bump. 


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