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Obama: Can Satire Become A Coverup For Racism & Bigotry?

September 19, 2008

I hear the debate over the Obama Waffle incident.

I didn’t find it offensive when I saw this:

Obama Waffles

Obama Waffles

I laughed.

Yet, I did find this offensive:

Making Fun Of Any Religion Is Not Funny

Making Fun Of Any Religion Is Not Funny

It’s a clear case of “We had something funny with the first box, now let’s push the envelope.”

Placing Obama in a Muslim head dressing, after he has said he is a Christian seems to just insight bigotry and fear in the hearts of those who may fear Muslims all together.

Some people fear that Obama is a Muslim and whatever that fear means to them they should not have a humorous base for coaxing that fear along.

I did not find this offensive, though…

White On Rice

Condi: White On Rice

Seeing that this is truly satirical.  Condi Rice has never been feared or feared specifically because she may be a Muslim.  True satire, to me, shouldn’t sting with pain but should be so far fetched we would know it to never be true.


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