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Samuel Jackson In Lakeview Terrace: “I’m Glad I Don’t Live There!”

September 19, 2008

Could you imagine having this guy as your neighbor?

When Sam is mad...he's bad!!!

When Sam is mad...he is bad!

Even if he is a little older, now bald and living next door to you?

Hell no!

What’s at the core of a truly scary movie? The part of “scary” movies that actually makes them scary is that they could… might… actually happen. There is a hint of probability to every zombie, vampire and monster movie right along with “suspension of disbelief”, which is that psycho-babble term that is used to describe what we do to allow ourselves to become engrossed in a movie.

I am going to go “suspension of disbelief” myself to see this new film called Lakeview Terrace. In the film, Samuel L. Jackson plays a kooky cop that whammies up a little reverse racism when he decides he doesn’t “approve” of his neighbors Jungle Fever interracial relationship. The gorgeous Ms. Kerry Washington (I Think I Love My Wife) and her vanilla man Patrick Wilson (No relation to Luke Wilson, right?) play the victimized couple.

What’s so scary about this? Try being in an interracial relationship. You already get the snide looks and smirks, not to mention the whispered comments and the screamed out colorful commentary, as well.

Personally, my children biracial. So, you can see why this would seem scary to me.

The other day, my little one and I were talking about how she is brown, but not as brown as mommy. I said, “You are African-American and French Canadian”. With understanding my little one replied “You are African-American”. I said yes. “…And Dad is French-Canadian…” I said yes. Then my little one said, “I better go tell dad he’s French-Canadian.”

Ahhh, out of the mouth of babes.

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Enjoy the movie!

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