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Seriously On Fashion: Would You Wear These Funky Stilettos?

September 19, 2008

It’s about being different. Being unique. And why not let your feet get the attention?

It’s the heels at the end of a long stretch of legs, not the handbag or the dress, that have taken New York by storm.

Bill Cunningham of the New York Times documents the land of extreme heels in a fascinating slideshow and voice-over. He covers style for the New York Times, so if Bill Cunningham says its all about the heels, you’d better be listening.

Extreme Stilettos

Extreme Stilettos

I might take a stroll in these. The problem for me is, I am short and my center of gravity is low. So, climbing into high heels isn’t the most comfortable feeling for me. One can appreciate the actual platform on the sole of the shoe. It seems to make this shoe more stable to walk in. Like a wedge heel.

Extreme Stilettos

Extreme Stilettos

These patent leather or pleather gladiator meets bondage madame heels do nothing for me. Along with the shoe string ankle wraps…it’s a bit of creative overkill.

Extreme Stilettos
Extreme Stilettos

Sometimes this type of creativity doesn’t belong on your feet. The sandal, boot-shoe is weird with the belt closures and peep toe…thingy.

Extreme Stilettos

Extreme Stilettos

I am not quite sure where the shoe ends and the pants begin???

See More Funky Stiletto Pics Here!

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