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Emmy Awards 2008: The Dresses I’d Wear & The Ones I’d BURN!

September 22, 2008

You knew I was going to call out the diva fashions vs. the hoochie mamas.

Why waste time? Let’s get to being Monday Morning Quarterbacks!

Let me first say, I do not like that women are not wearing pantyhose much anymore.  I’m not into the bare legged thing.  There are exceptions, though…

The “Greecian” look of one shouldered, draped and wrapped gowns has crept back in to mainstream fashion.

I liked this dress on Christina Applegate.  I liked the style and shape.  The color and pattern were alright, not my favorite color combo.  I don’t like the dark toenail and nail polish. Kind of goth, don’t you think?

Seriously Grade: A-

Christina Applegate at the 2008 Emmys

Christina Applegate at the 2008 Emmys

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera was just so cute for her age!  This deep vintage ruched dress says “Glamour”…and it should.  It is the Emmy Awards!

No pantyhose for those feet, though.  Sigh!  With a closed toe shoe, wearing pantyhose should be a no-brain-er.  It’s a classic, well mannered look.

Seriously Grade: A-

One Of The Best

America Ferrera: One Of The Best

Fashion Icon Eva Longoria just missed the mark.  This short and strapless frock made her look even shorter than she really is.  Too much eye makeup and an undone hair do round out this less-than-glam look.

No pantyhose either?  Gees.

Burn The Dress!

Wait, look….who the hell is that Rocky Horror reject behind her with the pink mane?  Compared to that mess, Eva looks great!  LOL

Seriously Grade: C-

Not So Glam

Eva Longoria: Not So Glam

This is the mess behind Eva Longoria in the picture above.

TV personalities Kynt Cothron (L) and Vyxsin Fiala arrives at the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Seriously Grade: WTF????????

The Mess Behind Eva

The Mess Behind Eva

I know what Marcia Cross (Far Left) was thinking in the picture below…

“What the HECK are you guys wearing?”

Clearly classic glamour never goes out of style.  Marcia looks the best out of all the ‘Desperate Housewives’ stars.  Doesn’t that leave the other castmates a little “desperate”?

Teri Hatcher is wearing the yellow rose of Texas pageant gown from hell.  Felicity Huffman looks put together, at least, but she does not look comfortable.

Nicolette Sheridan looks more bored than her dress and undone hair.

Burn The Dress, ladies…. Not you, Marcia!

The Cast Of Desperate Housewives
The Cast Of Desperate Housewives

What a neat dress.  Vanessa pulled off a patterned ruched gown like a pro.  That shoulder belt attachment thing must go.

Otherwise, perfection!

Seriously Grade: A

Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams
Tina Fey

Tina Fey, it’s true…  You look like Sarah Palin.  Sorry about that, but you didn’t have to throw yourself into an ugly dress just to try an look “unique”.

Somehow, this gown feels off the rack…and the hair….she just looks sad.  Maybe she didn’t think she was going to win.  And, if they graded on the looks of this dress, she didn’t.

Burn the dress.  Keep the Emmy.

Seriously Grade: D

Jennifer looks dazzling in a strapless gown of two classic colors.  Her look is fun and young. Maybe a little more “coif” on the hair would have been better, though.

Seriously Grade: A-

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Brooke In Pink

Brooke In Pink

I was said that this is Brooke Shields first time at the Emmy Awards.  If this is true, she did it right.  This “Lipstick Jungle” star pulled out the right shade of pink for the night!

Seriously Grade: A

Christian Slater and Guest?

Christian Slater and Guest?

This lady is not just a guest…”Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon arrives with her actor boyfriend Christian Slater…”

Well, well, well… All that money….All those shoes… NO FASHION SENSE.

She looks CHEAPER than the bottle of water behind her on the ground.

It’s the Emmy Awards, not the “Stripper Safari” awards.

Burn The Dress… Or make curtains from it!

Seriously Grade: F

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