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Eti-Quick: Seriously’s 20 Manner & Etiquette Tips

September 29, 2008
  1. Someone in your way? No need to be rude. Don’t say, “Get out of the way!” or “Move, Ya’ll!” Instead, say “Excuse me, I am trying to get by.” Once you pass, reply with a “Thank You” to show your appreciation.
  2. Always say “Please” when you are asking someone to do something for you.
  3. Always say, “Thank you” when someone does something for you.
  4. Need someones attention? Always say, “Excuse me” when interrupting someone that is talking or doing other things.
  5. Never pick your teeth, ears or nose in public.
  6. Make sure to keep fresh breath when speaking to someone in close quarters.
  7. Never read while someone is speaking to you and never speak while others are reading.
  8. Never receive a gift without expressing your gratitude with a verbal “Thank You” or sending a note of thanks.
  9. Spitting is a no-no!
  10. A “Lady” will never dress rudely, as to attract undue attention to her body.
  11. A “Lady” will not dress so improperly, with a skirt so short, that it exposes intimate parts of her body.
  12. A “Lady” should politely kneel and not bend over, placing her behind in the face of others.
  13. A “Lady” never swears or is “loudmouthed”!
  14. A “Lady” is charming, modest and discreet and always shows self-control.
  15. In good company, never eat as soon as you are seated.
  16. Never joke or laugh at the expense of others’ feelings.
  17. Never flick, brush or play in your hair around food in public.
  18. Do not answer your cell phone when speaking to another. Unless it’s urgent, call them back.
  19. Do not try to hold conversations with people on the phone and in front of you at the same time.
  20. When a gift is expected (Birthday, Wedding, etc), if a proper gift for the occasion cannot be found. Give cash or a gift card.

I talk so much about “What Not To Do”.

Now, you know what to do!

No excuses!

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