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Ghetto Around The Globe: Andressa Soares, The Watermelon Woman

September 30, 2008


Andressa Soares

Andressa Soares

This is Andressa Soares.  From what I can make of it, she is a Playboy Model in Brazil.

What a gorgeous girl, yet all she’s doing is shaking her “assets”.  I hope she gets a real education and job.

Most of the info I read about her is in Portuguese.  Which even in English translation, is like reading backwards.

In the photo above, she was forced at this Playboy signing event to put an apron over her butt because her pants were too short.

She is known as the “Watermelon Woman” or “Mulher Melancia”.

In the video above, she is just another hoochie poppin’ her booty.  The disgusting thing is, she’s poppin’ and grinding in front of a bunch of grade school boys who join in the popping in the background.

For that, she’s made it to the ghetto lists!  Another ghetto hoochie!  A dime a dozen!

I feel sorry for these girls that get caught up in all this ass shaking and booty poppin’ for a living.  My goodness, there is more to life than men slobbering over you.

The world has had enough of this.


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