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Murder Or Accident?: Two Kids “Bake” To Death In Hot Cars, Mothers Not Prosecuted

September 30, 2008

I have no remorse for these moms.

This is a local story for me. Here in my town, two “upscale caucasian” women, who both work with children in schools, went to work one hot day and left their babies in the car only for the children to roast to death.

How the hell are you going to forget that you left your child in the car? I am so serious!

Unless there is some sort of mental issue, these women should be in jail…or under the jail!

Well, they got away with it. They won’t see one day behind bars while there are people who have parking tickets in jail.

Where’s the justice?

Brenda Slaby, the first of the two “muthers” will be on Oprah this Wednesday. 10-01-08.

For the first time, Brenda Slaby talks openly on camera about what happened the day her 2-year-old daughter died after being left in the back seat of the family’s SUV.

Its been one year since the former Vice Principal of Glen Este Middle School forgot her daughter Cecilia in the back seat, only to find her dead eight hours later.

In exclusive interviews with Oprah Winfrey and 9News, Slaby breaks her silence to explain what happened that day and why she is coming forward now to talk about it.

Brenda & Gary Slaby

Brenda & Gary Slaby


“Muther” of the year 2 is Dr. Jodie Edwards.

She called 911 after she discovered her 11-month-old daughter, Jenna, when she left work Wednesday afternoon around 4:30 p.m.

“I went out to my car a few minutes ago, and realized I left my baby in there,” Edwards calmly told dispatchers.

This false sense of confusion is sickening. These women are supposed to be educated and this is the extent of their education? They can remember to go to work but they cannot remember to keep their child safe.

The first mom, Slaby, even returned to her car several times to get treats she had left in the car.

These women are victims and beneficiaries of “white privilage”. You slap some blonde hair and squeeze some salt water into their eyes and the world feels for them. Be still our bleeding hearts….awwww!

If these women were Asian or Latina, what if they were immigrants… Would we feel the same?

Would they get away with it?

We already know what happen if these mothers were African-American…

They would be under the jail.

Neither woman will be prosecuted.


Another blog writer, Nate Livingston, feels the following:

I disagree. Race has plenty to do with this. Brenda Slaby’s race and economic status are the two reasons she isn’t sitting behind bars right now. Her white skin is the reason the white media, especially the evil Deborah Dixon from Channel 12, is making excuses for her. You see, white people often feel sorry for white people who kill other white people. They say the crime was a “tragic accident”. So, a white woman shoots her husband in Kentucky; the white media spends days doing a profile on her telling us how good a wife she was. A white boy kills two of his “friends” while doing twice the speed limit; the white media (and white community) step in to explain that he just had a lapse in judgment. And now a white woman broils her kid to death and the media tells us its an accident. With whites, accidents happen. With Blacks, everything is a crime.- Source

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