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Back To The Future: The REAL Marty McFly Is…?

October 2, 2008
Back To The Future 2

Eric Stoltz: Back To The Future (pic 2)

I have know this movie factoid for some time now, but for those of you who didn’t know the following

I hope you find it interesting.

Michael J. Fox was not the first Marty McFly?

No way, you say? Way!

A tall handsome actor named, Eric Stoltz, was the original Marty McFly for the “Back To The Future” films.

Film legend has it that Michael was so dearly wanted to play the part, but was tied up with “Family Ties” and there was no room in his schedule for shooting. So, several weeks of filming with Eric Stoltz transpired.

Here are some of the top secret still shots of Eric Stoltz in full McFly mode. Somewhere in the world, according to screenwriter Bob Gale, there is actually 40 minutes of Eric Stoltz film footage of these scenes. Somewhere…

Back To The Future

Eric Stoltz: Back To The Future


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