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Miley Cyrus Is 15: Why Is She Dating A 20-Year-Old Man?

October 2, 2008


Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston and Miley's Mom?

Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston and Miley's Mom?

Does this have “bad idea” written all over it, or what?

Like, yeah!

Here’s my small list of questions about this public relationship…

  • What the HELL is she doing?
  • What the hell are her parents doing?
  • What the HELL is he doing?

There! I feel better!

Seriously folks. This little “older boyfriend” thing stinks to high heaven. We don’t know what is really going on with Miley, but again, her public image has been tarnished.  Tarnished reputations are not good.

She might be talented, but moms and dads all over are going to pull back the “Miley” influence on their children because this kind of infuence is not right.

You’ve got a highly popular star who is not only dating a grown-up, but who is frequently found on the internet in photos that most 15-year-old should never be in.  Posing sexy in underwear and such.

We don’t want to see this, Miley.

Use your talent. Sing. Act. Dance.

What the heck do they have in common, besides both posing in underwear?

We don’t need to see your “assets”…Ahem!

Gees, I am sad. As a parent of daughters, I cannot ever see myself endorsing the age gap between these two.

It’s not a classy thing to do, Miley.

It’s not very “Lady” like either.

You are supposed to hang around people your own age so you do not expose yourself to people who would influence you to grow up too fast.

Even in the fast lane of life, Miss Cyrus. I do care and I don’t even know ya!

Mark my words, Miss Cyrus.   You should take one of my lifestyle coach classes on Image & Style.

I would coach you for free!  All I would ask is that you take the class seriously and do your share to make it work.  We’d become a team, you and I.

There is time for all that social stuff…later. Career/Education first, then boys/men.

Priorities, people!

Disney and Billy Ray’s sweet, innocent little cash cow, Miley Cyrus, has been seen getting cozy with a 20-year-old underwear model and former “Nashville Star” contestant Justin Gaston. And by “getting cozy” I mean, of course, “going to church.” In photos that I’m sure were completely candid, young Miley (looking like a 30-year-old hungover divorcee) was seen walking into a Los Angeles church with Gaston, who is holding a bible.

Seriously, Billy Ray Cyrus has to be the stupidest father on the planet. I have asked every father of a teenage daughter I know if he would be cool with letting his daughter hang out with a 20 year old, and the resounding answer was, “Hell no!” Is he that much of an idiot to think a 20-year-old just wants to be “friends” with Miley? And please, don’t tell me that “it’s okay because they were going to church together.” Jamie Lynn Spears and the 19-year-old boy that impregnated her used to attend church together, too – that’s where they met. Rule of thumb for parents: just because they’re holding bibles doesn’t mean that guy doesn’t want to get into her pants. I wonder how long it will be before we see inappropriate photos of Miley and this new guy?


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