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Soulja Boy’s Hacked And His English Is Whacked!

October 6, 2008

I don’t know how you can hear anything Soulja Boy is saying in the video below.

All I can hear is:

  • Sh*t
  • Muh-Fuc*kahs
  • Nig*as
  • Fu*k You
  • Bi*ch

Sometimes there are some interesting quotes straight from this kids’ potty mouth:

“My sh*t got hacked… nig*as want to delete my sh*t”

“Nig*a sent me a message on myspace saying I got yo shit, send me $2500 dollars if you want it back. I sent a text back and I said “Fu*k You, Bi*ch, you do whut you do, muh-fuc*ah, you got me fuc*ed up.”

This is ridiculous. Why are parents allowing their kids to listen to Soulja Boy? His music…if you call it that… It’s garbage like his vocabulary.

You act uneducated and disrespectful.

Soulja Boy, you need a spanking and some training on how to be a gentleman instead of a heathen.

Email me, Soulja Boy. I can help you clean up your image!

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