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Seriously On Fashion: The “Glamour Girl” Is Back! Yea!

October 7, 2008

The Ruffles.

The Bows.

The retro color palette.

There is something feminine about flowing, silky fabrics.

There is something glamorous about long flowing gowns.

…And they are back in style. Yea!

Are we finally telling this look “goodbye”?

Hoochie Mamma Dress

Hoochie Mamma Dress

Are we finally replacing dresses and gowns with the “stipper pole chic”? Isn’t it time we go back to “feminine mystique”?

I hope so.

Time to get back to clothing that covers up and leaves something to the imagination.

Time to be a girl again!

Elie Saab is famous for his red carpet fashion masterpieces which are worn by Hollywood movie starlets such as Charlize Theron, Salma Hayek, Christina Applegate, Debra Messing, Eva Longoria and Beyoncé Knowles. His most iconic Hollywood moment was when Halle Berry wore a Saab burgundy gown when she won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2002.

Elie Saab-2009

Elie Saab-2009

Elie Saab- Spring 2009

Elie Saab- Spring 2009

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