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Bad Manners: My Candy Called Me A “Fat Pig”!

October 8, 2008
Fat Pig Candy

Fat Pig Candy

I have a theory. If you are going to eat something, eat the best you can get. Don’t over eat. Actually, you probably won’t over eat because you would be so satisfied with what you had, you would savor the flavor.

My mortal dessert food sins are:

  • Boston Creme Pie
  • Fresh Chocolate Eclairs (My friend, Michelle Phan, used to make them for me…Michelle, I miss you!)
  • Apple Pie
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Smothered In Caramel, Rainbow Sprinkles and Granola Honey Roasted Peanut Chunks!
  • Fresh, Hot-To-The-Touch Sugar Glazed Croissants
  • and lastly…Schnecken…

This Schnecken is to die for, believe me.  It’s a buttery pastry rolled up and filled with raisins and spices.  Not like a cinnamon roll…it’s better….warm with whipped butter and a dollop of fresh whipped creme next to a scoop of all natural vanilla ice cream….just take a fork and watch the raisins and cinnamon run into the hill of ice cream….Sigh.

    Now, I have had only one of these desserts this year. The Fresh, Hot-To-The-Touch Sugar Glazed Croissants. I made a special trip late at night to get them when the first wheel out on the bakery racks. When I indulge, I indulge.

    To add to this list, I sampled a piece of organic chocolate and it was smooth and creamy and damn delicious. So, I can’t wait to try this organic chocolate.

    This funny little “Fat Pig” chocolate is either going to make you laugh or offend.

    It’s a joke.

    Let loose, be a pig. Enjoy this.

    That’s fine! Call me a pig. I need my chocolate, at least, when my iron is low…once a month.

    Visit their website.

    Packaged in pretty pink foil, the Fat Pig Chocolate looks beautifully presented, with a cute pig nose on the front… until read the inscription.

    “Get your snout in this. Shove every single square in your face right now. And do it quick. Or some other fat pig might ask you for a piece. Oink, oink!”


    Bad Manners= Glutony

    Good Manners= Occasional Indulgence

    Fat Pig Chocolate+Occasional Indulgence= Good Manners

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