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Halle Berry: Named Sexiest Woman Alive 2008 By Esquire Mag

October 8, 2008
Power Suit

Halle Berry: Power Suit

I would say that Halle Berry has always been “pretty”.

She has a very innocent charm about her. Men want to save her…rescue her…

It’s worked for her career.

Would I say she’s the “Sexiest Woman Alive”?


That doesn’t mean much, I mean, she’s already been named the “Sexiest Woman Alive 2008”. It’s not like my lil’ old opinion is gonna sway anyone. I also don’t want to “”bed” her, so I really don’t care about her sexiness.

She is pretty. She’s got a great post-baby body and her hair (weave) and makeup are perfect.

The best that money can buy.

She even says the same.

I know damned well I’m sexier now than I used to be. Let me make an argument here — not so much for me, or even for my age being sexy, but for what I’ve learned. I’ve picked up a little over the years. Sexy is not about wearing sexy clothes or shaking your booty until you damn near get hip dysplasia; it’s about knowing that sexiness is a state of mind — a comfortable state of being. It’s about loving yourself even in your most unlovable moments.

Sexiest Woman Alive 2008

Halle Berry: Sexiest Woman Alive 2008

…I am the sexiest woman alive? Of course not. I figure at one moment the sexiest woman alive is a waitress in Abilene, Texas. And in the very next second, it’s a woman in the bush of Vanuatu. Then, right away, somewhere else. Sex and sexiness. It’s all about the moment; it’s about what you know as much as it is what you offer. That’s why I share this title with every woman, because every woman is a nominee for it at any moment. Maybe that’s why there are so many women these guys love.


Seriously McMillan’s MANNER METER:

Sexy= Good Manners

Slutty=Bad Manners

Halle Berry= Sexy

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