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Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant With Baby Number Two???

October 8, 2008
Is Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?

Is Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?

In a blockbuster world exclusive, The ENQUIRER has learned that the 17-year-old Zoey 101 starlet is now expecting for the second time – a mere three months after giving birth on June 19 to baby Maddie Briann.

Jamie’s desperate to keep the shock­ing news secret and some people close to her are urging Jamie Lynn to consider ending the pregnancy, sources say.

“Jamie Lynn is about eight weeks pregnant, and she and her mom Lynne are hysterical,” revealed a close source. “Neither of them knows what to do, but for now they’re trying to keep the news from getting out.”

Too late.

It’s in poor taste, but understandable, to be an unwed teen mom…once.

Yet, rumors are flying that Teen “Baby Mama” Queen, Jamie Lynn Spears, is pregnant…oops, again!




Can I rant a bit here?

I mean, c’mon. I was pregnant at 18 and gave birth at 19. I was at least an adult…and I didn’t have my next child until I was married (yes, to my baby daddy) and gee whiz…I planned my next pregnancy two years out.

I obviously knew what birth control was, even in my marriage.

You mean to tell me that Jamie Lynn Spears is so irrespeonsible that she is pregnant again…within 3 months of the birth of her first child?

Look, I am angry about this message of sexual irresponsibility that is being put out there via Miss Spears.

Here’s why…

Teen pregnancy poster child, the still unwed Jamie Lynn Spears, who just gave birth, set the media world into a frenzy when she made the announcement ninth months ago. She was all of 16 years old then. Now the Zoey 101 star is being blamed for a spate of copy cat teen pregnancies…

Not my business, right? Yes it is.

More young women are on welfare. They are depressed because they have to raise this baby in stressful conditions because they are children still themselves.

This is bad for our society and the future. The ideal conditions for raising children are to be the strongest, healthiest (mentally and physically) and responsible parents we can be. We owe it to our children.

I speak from experience as my own child will be a teen father this month. The young woman is 18, but he is 17. He is stressed and I see it effect all aspects of his life.

The hopes and dreams that he had are discussed less and less. Yes, I married my “baby daddy”, and we stayed married for 10 years. When we broke up, my son followed his father in some of the immoral footsteps that caused his father and I to separate and divorce.

My son now knows, at least, where he’s made his mistakes.

Jamie Lynn Spears should have mended her life before she got pregnant again.

Please, be sexually responsible.

It only takes one sperm and one egg to change your life forever.




Seriously McMillan’s

Manner Meter:

Poor Taste=Teen Pregnancy

Gawd Awful Taste= Teen Pregnancy again and again.

Jamie Lynn Spears= Gawd Awful Taste

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