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Playing Dress Up: Halloween Costumes That Are Too Trashy For Girls

October 9, 2008

It’s Halloween time.  And kids want to pick out their own costume to reflect their own personality.

Little girls may want to look very glamorous.

There is a limit, folks.

The only way a young lady is going to learn modesty is to live a life of modesty, even at Halloween.

There is a difference in looking like a rock star and looking like a slut.

Girls should not wear costumes that are:

  • Low rise: If they are at a Halloween party and bend over, all eyes are on her butt crack.  How em-bare-ass-ing.
  • Bare Mid Drift: This is just trashy.  No young lady should be showing her belly in a sexy Harem Girl costume.  We know what harem girls do.  Genie Girl two-piece costumes aren’t much better, even though I have seen some with light flesh-colored fabric to make a fake mid-drift.  Depending on the little girls skin color, you may have to sew in your own darker-skinned flesh-colored fabric.
  • Strapless: Give the little girl some straps.  There’s nothing to help keep the top up, if you know what I mean.
  • Skirt or Dress Too Short: Take every opportunity to teach modesty.  Here’s one chance.

    Too Sexy

    Devil Girl: Too Sexy

Here’s a few photos of the Halloween costumes I would never put a girl in.

Pirate Girl

Too Sexy: Pirate Girl

Too Trashy

High School Musical Costume: Too Trashy

Too Trashy 2

High School Musical Costume: Too Trashy 2


Mid Drift:A-No-No

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