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Body Painted Halloween Costumes: No Clothes! Just Painted Naked Ladies

October 10, 2008


If this was an art show or an expression of the art of the female body…I would not write this post.

This post practically writes itself.

Look, only slutty men want to see women painted naked and walking around in a painted on costume.

Certainly, you attract flies with crap, so you want to attract those male-flies?

That means, the costume is not a costume. It’s fake. Like, no clothing…fake.

So, you’re still naked.

Eww. You couldn’t pay me to do something like that, even if I had the body of a goddess.

A lady with the body of a goddess should still be modest.

Spare us.

Painted On "Costumes"

Painted On

Source  & More Nude Costume Photos


Seriously's Manner Meter


Nudity For An Art Show=Acceptable

Nude For Halloween Parties= Not Acceptable

Nude For Halloween Parties= Not Acceptable=Bad Manners







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