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Nightlife: 10 Tips On Keeping It Sexy, Not Slutty!

October 13, 2008
Slutty!  Not Sexy!

Slutty! Not Sexy!

Personal Trainer Needed!

Personal Trainer Needed!

It’s Friday night and you are hitting the scene.

Be Warned: Read these tips and follow them. Should you choose not to, believe me, you’ll wish that you had.

1. Make sure all is “clear” in the pits: Should you wear a sleeveless top or dress, keep your anti-persperant clear. No “white cakey flakey” under the arm. That’s just ghastly! Keep in mind: deodorant just masks smells where anti persperant helps prevent sweating.  Grab a combo and call it a day.  What’s worse than funkin’ up the dance floor with your pits, not your moves?

2. Actually, wear make up!– Some women go out dressed to the nines, and you can see every crease and wrinkle in their face. This is the time to step out with a smokey eyelid or sexy full red lips. Don’t do both. Too much makeup is as bad as no make up. Pick you best feature and play it up.

The chick below went through the trouble of pouring herself into this stripper pole suit but where’s the make up!

Not Sexy!

3. Learn to walk properly in heels: This may seem like a no brainer, but many women hunch over or lean back when wearing heels. This may mean the heel is too high for you. You must learn to walk properly in the heels you plan on wearing. You want to look sexy, feminine and light on your feet. Not like a clod-hopper or trick trash.

4. Wear Pantyhose: What is with this bare leg phenom? It’s hideous. If you are wearing a closed-toe show, it should be a no-brainer that you would wear pantyhose. Are you sure you want those cottage cheesey thighs spreading into the photo. Get a good quality pair. This will take your look from slutty to sexy in second flat.

Below: Hideously slutty outfit made worse. No pantyhose!

Dirty Birdy Legs

Dirty Birdy Legs

5. Breast or Thighs, but not both! : Pick a feature accentuate. Not both. Wearing clothes that reveal it all gives you an automatic pass to “Slutsville”. You don’t want to go there, now do you?

Breast or Thigh

Breast or Thigh

Breast or Thigh???

Breast or Thigh???

6. Be fashionably unique: Don’t follow every trend or fashion fad out there. Give yourself a signature style. So many ladies look the same out there. How boring! How will you stand out? A unique hairstyle? A signature color pallet? Samples of WHAT NOT TO DO are below!

Black Ugly Betty

Black Ugly Betty

Too Old For School Girl Look!

Too Old For School Girl Look!

Yes, she needs fashion help.

7. For those who won’t wear pantyhose: Body Lotion is Your Friend- If you do not wear pantyhose or wear an open toe shoe. You must use lotion to give you legs a smooth moisturized look. Otherwise, you will look like a dry “dirty birdy”. No matter what your skin color, “dirty birdy’s” look trashy.

Dirty Birdy

Dirty Birdy

8. Pay attention to your body language: Slutty body language is easy to read.

  • Sticking your butt out.
  • Pushing your boobs forward by arching your back.
  • Sitting with your legs open and more.

You pretty much know the difference between what slutty and sexy is.

Sexy body language is:

  • Clear and confident smile.
  • Engaging face expression. Not sullen or drunken.
  • Good posture. For example: Sitting, standing or walking straight.

9. Your Hair- Fix It: Ill-fitting wigs and hairpieces should be left on the bedroom dresser. Pick a style that accentuates your face. Everyone should not wear the longest haired wig or weave like Godiva or Tyra Banks. Some times shoulder length can be sexier. Personally, I have an oval shaped face and long hair makes me look like Ugly Betty. I look best in ” curly bobbed” or “flipped” medium lengths of hair. I’m not going to spoon feed you. There are great hair resources online.

10: Don’t get caught being hoochie on camera!: Some women love having their picture taken, even whilst doing incredibly cheap and tacky movies on the dance floor or anywhere else in a nightclub. Why, oh, why would you want to end up online (you do know it will end up all over the internet) for the world to see you at your worst? Get it together, girl.

Love you guys, like a big sister!

Seriously McMillan

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  1. G-POPPA permalink
    January 29, 2010 3:05 pm

    What is the point of dating again, remind me…


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