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Wedding Etiquette Chronicles #1: Invitation to the Invitations!

October 15, 2008

Wedding Etiquette Chronicles #1: Invitation to the Invitations!

To the Bride & Groom:

It’s time! Send out those invites. The date is set. Now what?

Get A Real Invitation, Please.: It’s a ghetto or trashy cop out to send an email invitation. OMG! That’s probably a real no-no, even if you live on the internet and regularly send and receive email. You can send an email reminder about a week or so before the event, provided that the person you are emailing had already RSVP’d. Some traditions should not be ignored. Send an actual invitation. If you are planning a classic or casual wedding event and you go through the guest list to invite friends and family you love and respect, then sending an actual invitation is good manners.

Classic or Casual: It’s totally up to you and the others involved with decision making in YOUR wedding if you want to choose a classic white or creme for your invites or if you want to do something with pastels, funky dots or stripes. You may even choose to use photos or scrapbook style invites. Folksy or Victorian. Whatever you choose, let your taste and character shine through. Don’t fake it or try to impress others. It’s your wedding. To thine own self, be true.

Sending Snail Mail Invitations: Whatever invitations you decide on, it is a friendly and personal touch to handwrite the name of the person or couple you are sending the invite to. If you choose, have someone with neat handwriting or a calligrapher to write the names in for you. Personal touches are always good manners.

Dr. or Mrs. or Mr.: Show that you have class in a small way by using the right greeting for the person or couple you are inviting. Don’t get too caught up in the grammar of it all. Let’s make it simple.

Mr.= Male

Miss= Never Married Female

Mrs.= Married Female

Ms.= Previously Married Female (Widowed or Divorced)

Mr. and Mrs.= Male first, female second.

Dr. , Rev. or Military Rank (Lt. or Sgt)= Use Accordingly. Use these ranks ahead of their gender. For instance: Dr. Ugly Betty instead of Miss Ugly Betty if she were a doctor.

Send An Actual Invitation!!!

Send An Actual Invitation!!!

Casual Invitations Are Nice, Too.

Casual Invitations Are Nice, Too.

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