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Seriously On Race: Not All Blacks Will Vote For Obama

October 21, 2008

Although silly, there is a strong belief out there that Obama will get all the blacks to vote for him because he’s black.

Because all black folks stick together right?  Yeah, right.

This election is not about black folks sticking together.  This election is about turning over a new leaf…whomever you are.  If you believe McCain will do it, then you’ll probably vote for him.  If you think Obama offers this, as I do, then you will vote for Obama.

I am proud of all the forward thinking people who do back Obama, not because he’s black, but because of what he can offer this country.

Here’s proof that all blacks will not vote for Obama.

At last count, I have seen about 10 Republicans of color on TV.

Yet, they never show them at the “negatively charged” town hall meetings.

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