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Miss Teen Louisiana: Britney Spears Isn’t The Only Tacky Bayou Girl

October 22, 2008

Trollops young and old are running amuck gaining fame and celebrity status only to throw it back in our faces to show their true colors.

What is in the Louisiana water?  Or maybe it’s not water they are drinking….

Lindsey Evans was stripped of her Miss Teen Louisiana crown after ditching her $46.07 tab at a restaurant in Louisiana. Lindsey accidentally left her hand bag at the restaurant which also happened to have a bag of weed in it. Lindsey’s personal goal upon graduating college is to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Hopefully this little setback won’t hinder those dreams. After all, her personal motto is “If you want the rainbow, you have to tolerate the rain!!!”

Lindsey Evans

Lindsey Evans

Why didn’t she just moon somebody or flip someone off?  Oh no!  This loser-ette decided to “help her ecomony” by running out on a restaurant bill…she leaves her purse of pot (you know, weed) at the restaurant.

Was this a Freudian cry for help?  Could this scream “Catch me if you can…and you can because I left my purse with illegal weed in it for you to find…right next to my I.D. which has my correct voting address…hello????”

There is always room to forgive a mistake…this is not a mistake.  It could have been a $46.07 momentary lapse of sound judgement.


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