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Get The Sarah Palin Beauty Look For Less Than $4,716.49

October 23, 2008

The reports are: “The RNC… spent $4,716.49 on hair and makeup through September…”

Now, you can get the look of Sarah Palin for about $4,716.49 minus $4,616.49…that means for less than $100 or…if you are really good…you could get the look for less than $50 because you probably already have some of this stuff in your makeup stash.

The Makeup…

Sarah Palin’s Makeup can be worn by anyone of any skin tone.

Caramel, Chocolate, Light or Olive skinned ladies.

Here are the basics:

1. Be A Maverick And Moisturize: I am sure that an Alaskan climate is tough on your skin, so you’ll want to moisturize.  As any huntress knows to do.  Honestly, no matter where you are, moisturize.  Did I say moistureize?  I mean, “moisturize.”  You don’t want your skin to flake while shooting moose.

2. Keep those eyebrows “shored up”: No uni-brows here.  Sarah is keeping her nicely arched left-wing eyebrow away from her right-wing eyebrow.  No reaching accross the aisle for any bipartisan work here.

3. Building A Bridge To…Foundation:  Conceal those dark circles.  Highlight and contour the appropriate sections of your face and get out the mineral foundation that matches your skin tome.  Mineral foundation, made by the company of your choice, is a girl’s best friend.  Forget diamonds…

4.  Her VeeP-ing Eyes: Covering your entire eyelid in a skin toned shadow will give you a solid GOP base.  Then go in, just below the crease of the eye with a “hunter” gray or spiced eyeshadow.  It looks like Sarah Palin loves the 80’s, almost a “Beauty Queen” eye liner…starting from the middle of the eye, bring your grey or charcoal eyeliner and bring it to the outer corner of the eye, then line the bottom lid to the inner corner.

5.  Black “Republican” Mascara: Sarah’s long lashes flutter with flirts and winks to the American people.  Get that look for your lashes with a lash separating and thickening black mascara. Don’t forget to curl your lashes.  Put a coat on the top lashes and a coat on the bottom. You’ll look ultra cute when you are stumped in explaining how man may have caused global warming.

6.  Sarah Palin Interview or Rally-Ready Lips: If you happen to have thin lips and have Olive or Light skin, bring your mauve toned lipliner around the outside of your mouth.  This will give you a larger looking, sexy lip.  If you are Chocolate or Caramel skinned, and have fuller lips, use a dark berry lip liner right inside your lipline and fill in your lips with a mauvy lipcolor and blend.  Sarah uses creme lipsticks with a hint of gloss, not pearly or frost shades.  Honestly, I like long lasting & Transfer-resistant lipsticks. They stay on better when kissing butt! Making a “lipstick on a pig” joke here is too easy. Just don’t drop your lipstick down the drain, because you’ll have to call Joe the Plumber…wait his name is Sam the Plumber…wait he’s not a plumber…he’s not a licensed plumber…He’s a divorced guy that probably knows a plumber…He’s a Maverick plumber that takes on plumbers in his own plumber party…hummm?  I am confused…kinda like when Sarah Palin is asked a question…I’ll just have to get back to you, Katie Couric…?

7. Wasilla Mayor Blush:  To get that high cheekboned look of Sarah Palin’s, you must use a contouring blush.  Get a spicy shade like cinnamon toast or deep red like brandywine.  Don’t forget to find a color as natural to your own “blushing color” as possible.  Apply under the cheekbone for that look of lift.  This is great for those with Russia or any foreign country as a neighbor.  You’ll look like a runway model that they would fall in love with.  Show off those All-American cheekbones.

Below is the video on how to get Sarah Palin’s hair style…for free!



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