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How To Dress Better Than Sarah Palin For Less Than $150,000

October 23, 2008

How do you dress better than Sarah Palin for less?

Easy!  Get your clothes on a budget!

How much better is that?  I would guesstimate about $145,000 better…

That leaves approx $5000 for hair and makeup…That you could really get a bargain on…

As I have said, “I guess the whole uproar, again, goes back to how true Obama’s statements are about McCain and Palin being out of touch.

If everyone was able to have such a lush clothing wardrobe, on the taxpayers dollar, who would complain?”

Segue back to the fashion commentary….

Sarah Palin’s VeeP style seems to revolve around separates.  Jackets with pencil skirts in mostly neutral tones.  Black, brown, tan, creme and grey…yet, sometimes she will surprise us with an unpredictable punch of color, too.

It’s so simple, it’s perfect.  Pumps, skirts with a hemline just below the knee and nothing that is ever too low cut and always a simple piece of jewelry.  Earrings, necklace or pearls.

Tweeds, silks and again, sometimes she will surprise us with an unpredictable punch of smokin’ hot red leather, too.

I don’t remember seeing her in pants.  Her stylist(s) (don’t tell me there isn’t one or a gaggle) keeps her feminine and modest.  Nothing flamboyant.

I love this classic style.  I love this look.  It says refined.  It says classy.  It says that you’ve got it together…even when you are crashing and burning in an interview with Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric.

Here are a few of Sarah Palin’s VeeP candidate fashion statements and how you can get the look for $1000’s less.

All I did was search one of my favorite online stores.

Grey Palin Style Skirt

Grey Palin Style Skirt- Target- $29.99

Merona® Baby Doll Swing Jacket - Scarlet

Merona® Baby Doll Swing Jacket - Scarlet- $29.99

Palin In Pink

"...her fashion team advised her to splurge on this $2,500 Valentino Garavani jacket from Saks Fifth Avenue."

Notch-Collar Boucle Jacket - Houndstooth/ Cream

Mossimo® Black: Notch-Collar Boucle Jacket - Houndstooth/ Cream- $29.99

Sarah Palin Red Shoes

Sarah Palin Red Shoes

Palin Style Black Jacket

Palin Style Black Jacket- Target- $39.99

Palin Loves Red Pumps

Above:  A close-up on pumps Sarah Palin  wore during an event…”she was wearing these Naughty Monkey Double Dare Pumps for $89.”

Sarah Palin In Red Patent Leather

Sarah Palin In Red Patent Leather Pumps

Sarah Palin-Style Red Pumps

Here’s an inexpensive alternative.  Women’s Mossimo® Danae Buckle Pumps – Red: Only $26.99

So, as you can see.  You can get that classic female look that I love…love…love so much for a fraction of the VeeP wanna-be’s costs.

Maybe someone should have told Sarah before.


Here’s what she looked like before…ewww!

Sarah Palin In Duds

Sarah Palin In Duds

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