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Seriously On Dating: Sisterly Advice On Dating Hot Guys!

October 26, 2008

Yes, I know.

He’s so cute.  He’s so fine.  He’s got the bedroom eyes of Mark Wahlberg.  He’s got the swagger of James Bond.  He’s got the body of L.L. Cool J.

But something isn’t adding up.  Why do you feel like something could be going on with him?

Or, is there something going on with you?

Let’s talk, girl.  Like a big sister to her little sister, I’m giving you the scoop.

Here it is.  I love hot looking guys.  Especially actors.  I have a weakness for hot actors.

No doubt these there are tons of hot acotrs, but lets say, I met guy that was a combination of all them.  Totally irresistable in every way.  He is charming and gorgeous, he has minty fresh breath as long as they day is hot, he’s intelligent and he can put together his clothes like a fashion designer and I would love to date him many, many, many, many times.  Gosh, even to just stare at him because he’s so damn gorgeous.

Hey, I might want to show him off.  Look what I have girls. Woo-hoo! This hot-hot-hot guy is all mine.  I’ve got one and you don’t.  You are with…that… and I and going home with “all this”…[Wink!]

Just what if…

Then after a myriad of perfect dates.  I mean the kind of dates you would text your friends about in the middle of the night…the kind of dates that would make people at work gossip about until you walk in the room.

Then all of a sudden, everyone stops talking [obviously about you] and they go back to work.

Yeah! They are jealous.  Those girls that want “your man” you gloat to yourself.  Hah!!!

Ok, so my hot guy point has been made.

What’s my point?

  • Getting totally caught up in looks is so shallow: Yeah, I think actors are hot, but I wouldn’t be stupid enough to think that their looks are the be-all, end-all. Gimme a break.  They are actors…they are acting like other people. Besides, they are human and have as many quirks as anyone else.  Even with everyday guys, just because they look perfect does not mean they are perfect 24 hrs a day.  They may look hot, but are looks everthing?
  • Getting caught up in looks is so shallow.  What’s that say about you?: Check out your motives:  Are you dating him because you’ll get attention?  Yeah, your guy may be hot, but is that all he is?  I hope he’s not a foul mouthed jerk who you allow to treat you like crap just because he has the looks of an Adonis.  If your guy is handsome and charming with a great demeanor and treats himself and you with honor and respect, then you have hit the jackpot.  Good for you.  If your hot guy shows signs of being one fry short of a burger meal, then maybe you need to order another guy . Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t make excuses.  If you’re guy isn’t treating you with manners and respect then is he really worth wasting you time on?
  • If he’s too good to be true then he’s too good to be true: He may be a hot guy, but if you’re not perfect, he’s not going to be perfect.  I am going to “keep it real”.  He  won’t have minty fresh breath as long as they day is hot and he may not be able to put together his clothes like a fashion designer.  He’ll fart and it will smell.  He’ll burp.  He’ll have onion breath.  His armpits will eventually get funky.  Don’t expect outward perfection and don’t expect inward perfection.  It exists only in a photoshopped life.
  • Maybe It’s Not TIme To Be His Girl: If your guy is emotionally grumpy, physically frumpy or just not up to par, he may be in a place where having a girlfriend isn’t a good choice right now. If you don’t share common interests or you are just putting up with what he does because you want to like him and you really want him to like you, believe me, this will get old and you may feel that you guys are going nowhere fast.  If this is the case, you may want to consider taking a break from each other.   Don’t pretend to accept things from him that get on your nerves. When and if you guys are ready to make it work, let him call you.  Don’t chase him like a lost puppy.   He knows your number.  Now, shoo…Girl, go get your life together.  Sometimes, ladies need to know when to step back and let things go.  Have a little faith.
  • Spend some of that “love” on yourself: Feeling that loving feeling for your guy?  That’s cool. But don’t get to the point of reckless abandon.  Don’t forget about yourself.  Take care of yourself.  Keep up your workouts, treating yourself to nice things or keep your gatherings with friends and family.  Don’t start making this guy the center of your world.  You did exist before him and you still exist with him.  Don’t waste time waiting for your cell to ring.  Don’t waste time checking to see if he’s emailed you. Don’t become a fanatic over him.  That’s kinda scary.

To summarize, looks arent everything.  It’s how you are treated, how you treat others and how you treat yourself that really matters in the end.  The End.


Your B.F.F.

Seriously McMillan 🙂

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