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Keeping It Real In 2009: Men Want Real Women?

January 16, 2009

Keeping It Real In 2009: Men Want Real Women?

I am not talking about real pieces of a woman, like “real breasts”. I am talking about real women.

Not “ride-or-die” chicks. Real Women.

So, what is a real woman? What are real women all about? Are they boring sticks in the mud? Are they wild sexy party girls?

Actually, one fact about real women is that they are well versed in etiquette, using manners and using common courtesy.

To all those who want to turn over that New Year’s leaf of becoming a real woman in 2009, incorporate these tips into your strategy for personal growth.

Put Away The Daily Flash:

A real woman knows when, where and how much she should be sexy or flashy. There are occassions to wear the makeup, glitzy dresses and 4 inch heels. Certainly that occasion is not to pick up the kids from school, working at the office or grocery shopping.

Modesty Is Not Sloppy:

Real women know that sweats pants, sweatshirts and workout clothes are for the gym or working out. Looking and dressing sloppy in public is as bad as dressing over glamorous or trashy in public. The best place to dress is with modesty.

Charmed, I’m Sure:

For those particularly out in the dating scene, real women are charming. From head to toe, nothing should be loud, annoying or overbearing. That includes your mouth, clothes and personality. Charming women tap in to their natural resource called, “feminine mystique”. Always keep a bit of yourself to yourself. [Wink!]

Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap:

Clean up the language, ladies. If you have a free floating foul mouth, practice keeping your language clean. If you really feel the need to curse like a sailor, don’t do it around people you don’t know or their kids. What you do at home, is your business. What you say in public can turn into everyone’s business.

Manners Make The Woman:

Everyone loves a person with manners. Can you think back at the last time you were in a restaurant or store? Were the sales people or waitstaff mannerable? I hope so. Good manners and courtesy in a woman are even more attractive than any clothing she could wear. It is obscenely easy to use manners and courtesy. It is so easy, in fact, that most people forget to use good manners. Manners show that you have self control, self respect and grace. Do you embody those qualities? If you don’t, people can already tell. You can’t fake it for long.Talking about things like this excite me. Isn’t it wonderful being a “girl”!

We can control the world either in a mini, spandex day glow skirt or a long flowing feminine skirt, to a secretarial pencil skirt. Of course, I would suggest the two latter skirts for public and the first skirt for home with your guy.

Wielding all the power that women have is best done with control. Self control with a courtesy, manners and self respect.

Guys want the boobs and butt for about the first year, but what will you do when he finds that you are not an interesting person? What happens when you are so self absorbed in your own thoughts, jealousies and bad behavior that you are good for nothing but a booty call or a good ole’ time?

Most girls get mad and wonder what the hell the guy didn’t call when he said he would. It’s called, “You didn’t behave the way a real woman should!”

Wanna know more? Buy the book. She So Ghetto by Seriously McMillan

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  1. theoraclemag permalink
    January 26, 2009 7:41 pm

    This was an interesting post. I hope some our sisters pay attention and take notes. I feel women are very import, and when the African American women raises we will all raise. Behind every strong family is a powerful woman. I wrote something on this subject. If you dont mind, please take a look at it and tell me what you think.

    Thank you and GOD bless you.

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