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Seriously Is Back: Chris Brown And Rihanna Sound A Little “Whitney & Bobby” To Me.

March 6, 2009

I may have been away from my blogging post for a spell, but I do keep my ear to the streets.  I know all about what been going down for the past few months.

The Octo-mom…I don’t wanna hear another word about this woman.

Chris Brown and Rihanna…Now, there is some meat worth sticking my writing chops into…

A day after Brown was indicted for allegedly battering and menacing girlfriend Rihanna, the celebrity Web site said there are more graphic photos of the beaten pop diva.

Rihanna was not present at the hearing, but her attorney Donald Etra said the singer did not want the court to impose any order on Brown that would force him to stay away from her.

Brown, 19, appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court Thursday to face felony charges, including making criminal threats that would result in death. If convicted, Brown could face up to five years in prison.

“Rihanna opposes a ‘stay away’ order and requested that no such order be issued,” Etra told the court.

Forget that they share the last name, but Chris Brown and Bobby Brown are known for lovin’ the ladies and then showing them…”what’s good for them.”

Those of you not old enough to know the public fiasco of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are getting your feet wet with this young famous couple.

Poor little Rihanna.  Gorgeous.  Popular and now…all beat up.  Protecting her man, future wife beater, Chris Brown.  She didn’t ask for a restraining order that would further protect her face and maybe her career.  My, oh, my…  She is too young to have battered wife syndrome.

No matter what, the good news about this case is that it is bringing up the business of abuse.  Abuse from boyfriends, specifically…which comes and goes out of the media ever so often.  But, this situation between the pop diva Rihanna and handsome prince charming, Chris Brown may prove to be a “poster child” of sorts for the subject.

HATIN’ On Chris Brown:

I can’t “hate” on Chris Brown.  I am not happy with the newest of deatils that has come out about what he’s done…allegedly, but I do think that he can save himself, his soul and his career by simply staying away from women for a while.

Damn, if I was 19 again…would I smash my boyfreinds face?  Hell-o no.

Each hit was like Chris Brown losing a million $$$.  Smack one: Lost $1 Mil.  Punch Two: Lost a Million point five.

Tacky tacky tacky…

I will be back with more on this tantalizing gossip of the black, beautiful and beat-up.



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