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The First Lady And Her St. Partick Feet

March 17, 2009
Michelle Obama In St. Patricks Day Green Boots

Michelle Obama In St. Patrick's Day Green Boots

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.  We all have a little Irish in us, even if it is just Guinness.

So, why do we do it?  Why do we go out with at least one green accessory on March 17th every year?  Is it for fun?  Is is a bad habit?  I dunno, but I recently bought a nice moss green handbag with no intention of carrying it for St. Patrick’s Day.  So, what did my friend say this morning?  “Oh, you aren’t wearing anything green.  Oh, yes you are…You have a green purse.”

Dammed if I did and dammed if I didn’t .  Oh well.

Let’s take a look at our fashion icon of a First Lady, Michelle Obama.  Check out these boots she decided to strut around in.  Even if it was a bit early ( she wore them on the 16 of March) the boots are kinda rockin’.  A bit butchy for my taste, but who am I?  Our First Lady can wear whatever she likes, besides, she’s showin’ a little love for the Irish side of the family!

Hillary, on the other hand, must have the meaning of the word “overkill” re-explained to her.  This was candidate Clinton in 2008.  Source

Hillary Gone Green

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  1. lifeisacookie permalink
    March 18, 2009 12:42 am

    I can proudly say that I did not wear any green this year! I bucked the tradition and didn’t get pinched!!

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