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Fashion Etiquette: Halle Berry Does Fashion No-No In Red Carpet Flip Flops?!

April 22, 2009

Everyone knows that Halle Berry is a stunner.  Old news, right?  But I can’t help but find that the glamorous Halle is doing some serious mommy-ing.

C’mon moms out there…we all know that sometimes we just don’t feel like dressing up for the affair.  We are thinking comfort and we try to tie some sort of style in there somewhere, but sometimes style and comfort don’t mix.

Hence, Halle Berry showing up at the premier of the movie, The Soloist, doing that flip flop shuffle on the red carpet.

Gasp!  I need air…smelling salts… I am going down.  So, did Halle Berry’s wardrobe.

I am a firm believer that you can still look stylish when you just don’t feel like it.  Dress up, up, up.  C’mon.  The glamour pep talk is now in session.

I would never wear flip flops (beach wear) to a  movie premier.  Would you?

A mule or pump would have done a world of wonders.

C’mon Halle, you can do it better next time.

Halle In Flip Flops

Halle In Flip Flops


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