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Money Manners: My Economic Stimulus Contribution

April 24, 2009

OK. I bought them. I wanted to fall over when she told me the price, but I bought them anyway.

I don’t want to eat them because they are kind of a trophy. My little contribution to stimulate the economy.

Even though I am on my way to losing some winter weight, but  I thought I would give myself a little chocolate treat of M&M’s.

I eat something chocolate about twice a month so this fit just perfectly, but, I didn’t just get those ordinary rainbow M&M’s, I went to a candy store and bought the gourmet colors. I bought the equivalent of three handfuls of M&M’s in black, white and a dark pink mix.

This cost me $4.50. Yes, I made a $4.50 stupid purchase that I must come to terms with.

These stupid gourmet color M&M’s don’t taste any different than the normal colors, but I paid a pretty penny for the pretty M&M’s.

Next time, I will just get the 1/2 bag for the same price.

Seriously McMillan's M&M's

Seriously McMillan's M&M's

How many handfuls are in a 1/2 lb  bag?

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