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Style Etiquette: Oprah’s Hair Is NOT A Weave…So Quit Hattin’!

April 28, 2009

Look, I love Oprah and I am just as shocked about the length of her do, once her do came out the curl closet.

Every woman’s glory is her hair.  We fuss about our hair, fight frizz, rain and dryness.  We color, highlight, curl or straighten it.  We love our crowning glory.  It must be a primal thing.  Most guys wouldn’t understand (except Fabio or that guy with the long locks).

Anyhoo, it is time for those of you who have nothing better to do than verbally beat up on Oprah about her hair to stop beating Oprah up about her hair.

Even if it was a weave, it’s gorgeous.  Every little girl wears her t-shirt or night gown as long hair.  It’s just a dream of ours.

My hair is more on par with Tyra’s hair than Oprah.  My “real” hair comes to the tips of my shoulders, but I don’t want to damage or color my real hair so I prefer to do what Tyra and Beyonce do.  See their pics below.

Nevertheless, Oprah’s hair is genuine.  Good for her since she has experienced hair loss and being bald and now she has enough hair to share.

Oprah And Her Not-So-Fake Hair

Oprah And Her Not-So-Fake Hair

Beyonce Hair (Not Her Hair)

Beyonce Hair (Not Her Hair)

Tyra hair (Not-So-Really-Tyras Hair)

Tyra hair (Not-So-Really-Tyra's Hair)


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