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Rude Around The World: The Racist Autralian Chick Video

May 22, 2009

The term “Wog”,  for those of you that don’t know is a racial slur.  Of course, in America, we’d never know what the hell that was if someone said it here.  It’s pretty on par with the “N” word.

So, this clubbin’ tattoo chick in Australia shows up on the Australian news giving her version of a shooting she witnessed between two “wogs”.

Thank goodness she was open, honest and concise with her story and her opinion of those who don’t look like her.  That’s right, mate!

Clare Werbeloff is an overnight sensation in Australia following her deeply racist eyewitness report of a shooting (in case you’re not familiar with the term, “Wog” is an ethnic slur in Australia).


Definition of WOG


{ /wäg/ (n.) offensive slang. 1925-30, from ‘Golliwogg’: a 19th century blackface doll; or alternately, an acronym of ‘(W)orthy (O)riental (G)entleman’ }

British English:

1. *racist* a black African or dark-skinned South Asian (usually Indian or Pakistani)

2. *Anglocentric* a non-Briton or non-Englishman: “The wogs start at Calais” (across the English Channel in France) — British proverb

Australian English:

1. a non-Anglo-Celtic European, esp. from Southern or Eastern Europe (e.g. Greek, Italian, Balkan, Slavic, etc.)

2. an Asian, esp. a West Asian (e.g. Lebanese, Turkish, Armenian, Iranian, etc.), but now also inclusive of South Asians and Pacific Islanders

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