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Michelle Obama Says: Roll Models For Girls Are Important…

May 23, 2009

Roll models are so important.  I dare say I am a roll model and I am proud of the young women I mentored once upon a time.

Everyone is a roll model in someway or another.  Obviously there are bad roll models and great ones.  I hope we all agree to model the great ones.

Here’s what First Lady, Michelle Obama, had to say about role models.Michelle Obama recently spoke with Time Magazine‘s Michael Scherer and Nancy Gibbs about her role in the White House. The First Lady described how she hopes to inspire and empower young girls, and the huge influence that positive female role models — such as her mother — had on her growing up.

I see myself in those girls, and the fact that we cut across socio-economic backgrounds, that we [invite] girls from public schools, from parochial schools, kids from private schools, and that they’re all sitting around the table as equals in this place, where they all felt some level of intimidation, right, so the playing field [is] relatively equal, [makes these events] beautiful.

I agree.  I look up to Michelle Obama, literally, because I am short.  She, on the other hand, is tall and statuesque as I met her briefly during the ’08 campaign and got her autograph.  Yay, me!


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