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Baby Daddy Drama: TN Man Has 21 Kids (Video)

May 27, 2009



Thanks to my Twitter buddy, yeahisaidit, I am hip to the new “Father of our Country!”

This is no “18 and Counting”.

This is no Jon & Kate plus 8.

This young man is father to 21 children.  He has a job, which is great, but he makes minimum wage and that is nowhere near enough to take care of all the children.

Advice To Baby Daddy:  Start writing a book.  Start a business.  Do a public service announcement.  Begin a reality show.   Start doing something…you’ve got 21 kids to put through college.  Use your new found fame to become a condom spokesperson or something.  If the Octomom can make it, you can too.  And please, STOP HAVING SEX FOR A WHILE.  HAVE A COLD SHOWER!

I don’t know what the women were thinking.  My goodness.  Isn’t there anything else to do in TN besides make country music and ……


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